Volume 7. Issue.1:2019

  Studying literature as a mean of Human development
Lecturer, University of Raparin, Education and Languages College, Department of English Ranya city, Iraqi Kurdistan
doi: https://doi.org/10.33329/rjelal.7119.238


Teaching literature is identified as instrumental in ensuring social, mental, economic and political human development. Theories guiding the understanding of human development are recognised as a fundamental part of literature. Literature is identified as a critical ingredient in understanding one's self regarding attitudes, values, perceptions, biases and even emotions. By seeking hidden meanings, themes, intuitions and motivations during the analysis of literature individuals are also able to develop their brain capacity to think critically. By expanding their thinking capacity, various crises arising as a result of interaction between biological and environmental factors can be solved. Apart from the understanding of self, literature is also related to the development of empathy. Individuals can relate, think, appreciate and describe the feelings, beliefs, experiences and perceptions of others from different ethnic groups, cultures or nations. Literature, therefore, nurtures both individual and societal development. Keywords: literature, society, human development, development theories and values.